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Bulls vs. Wizards recap and Sunday NBA open thread


As Jay tried to warn everyone, the Wizards are pretty good with their PG back. And that's even more evident given the double-digit victory over the Bulls on Saturday night:

As for the Bulls performance, this was another game that I intended on watching later but after seeing the result decided against it. It sounded like a pretty dull effort that I won't exactly miss. When nobody reaches double-figures outside of Nate Robinson (in 19 shots)...yeesh.

I am firmly in the 'it happens' camp. Both teams were on a back-to-back but the Bulls were on the road. There were similarly bad losses from the Knicks, Nets, and Warriors (way to make our win look cheaper, Milwaukee) on the night.

And the idea that the Bulls play down to competition is overblown, as it's just playing up and down to themselves more than anything. They're not going to be that consistent of a team because to be that way means you're among the elite in the league. Hopefully the Bulls we see in the playoffs can get to that level behind their own PG returning, but the Bulls won't be there as it stands right now. Besides, they just beat bad teams like Detroit, Toronto, Boston and the Lakers in this recent run so I don't consider this loss more of a trend then this game on Saturday. What has been a trend is that even when they have these nights you're figuring there's a spurt to get them close, which is the sign of a team you really can't ever denigrate for lacking effort.

And they're without Luol Deng, remember?

(see, it's a comfortable life when you don't think the Bulls are super-good after a few wins. Less of a disappointment in the losses!)

Sunday has a couple of fun if maybe not closely-matched games, with the Heat in Boston and the Thunder facing the Lakers in L.A.. But even both those favorites have bad losses in this season, it happens to everyone. Heck, the Heat lost to the Bulls at home! (I kid...)