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Bulls vs. Warriors Game Preview: Deng likely out for test against west's best

...come out and play!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

[Thanks to THEKILLERWHALE for today's game preview. Inspired work. There are still some openings left this month if you're interested. And if you're interested in going to the actual games, use our partners if you want Chicago Bulls Tickets. And sorry about the headline -yfbb]

{Enter Thibs, wearing sequined sports-jacket.}

(Thibs): CAN YOU COUNT, SUCKAS? I say, the future is ours... if you can count!

Now, look what we have here before us. We got Kirk Hinrich, the scout man, guarding Steph Curry, notorious all-star snub in spite of his 20+ points per game and 3rd-place 45% from three (edge: Warriors). We got Old Man Rip Hamilton going against Klay Thompon the Youth, the latter of whom has been hustlin' the stat sheet for the past three games, shooting over 50% from 3 and averaging 20+ points (edge: Warriors). We got Harrison Barnes going against Jimmy Butler the soldier, in a battle of the athletic young folks, with Barnes layin' some jive the past few games including an 0/5 effort against OKC (edge: Bulls!). We even got David Lee up against Carlos Boozer, a battle of the surging PF's who don't jive with the defense (edge: Even). And we got all-star and war chief Joakim Noah banging with some cat named Festus whose reputation has not reached me out here in Coney (edge: Bulls).

Nobody is wasting nobody. That... is a miracle. And miracles is the way things ought to be!

You're standing right now with five delegates from two teams. And there's over a seven more on each. That's 10 hardcore members. 22, counting the benchs (edge: Warriors with a killer Jarret Jack), and 30 more, playing in the D-League, but ready to fight: 60 soldiers! Now, there ain't but 3 referees working this game. Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?

Can you dig it!!!!!!!

(Chicago Bulls): YEAH!!!!!!!

(Thibs): Now, here's the sum total: One team could run this game! One team. Nothing would move without the Bulls allowing it to happen. Force the ball handlers to their weak side, drive them into the help-defense and close-out the corner three because WE got the passing-lanes, suckers! Can you dig it?

The problem in the past has been the other team turning us against one another. The Warriors have one 3 of the last 4 against us. You may even say that they have our number.

We have been unable to see the truth, because Kirk can barely hit the rim, Noah has no low-post offense, Lu has a bum wrist, Boozer is soft as hell and Rip is too old. That's crap, brothers! The court is ours by right, because it's our turn. All we have to do is keep up the defensive pressure, dominate the rebounding and keep the score and the pace low. We take over one possession at a time. Secure the ball... secure our rebound... because they are all our rebounds!

Can you dig it!!!!!!!

(Chicago Bulls): YEAH!!!!!!!

{Cut to Steph Curry shooting Thibs in the chest. The scene dissolves into chaos.}

Predictions: The Bulls will hold the Warriors to under 30% from 3.

The Bulls will out-rebound the Warriors by 10.

No team will break 90 points.

Bulls 89 - Warriors 83.

Check out our brothers over at Golden State of Mind, in particular, check out their Game Preview. Tip off is at 7pm central and is shown on CSN-Chicago and League Pass.