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Derrick Rose return: Bulls star 'could' return to full practice this week

Tom Thibodeau said Derrick Rose "could" start taking full contact in practice this week.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

We're getting closer and closer everybody. Closer to making Bulls games really enjoyable again. Not that I don't enjoy them now, but you know what I mean. And perhaps most importantly, we're closer to Kirk Hinrich not being the starting point guard anymore. Happy Derrick Rose news!

A few of the other reporters tweeted out that Thibs put an emphasis on the "could", and we all know the head coach likes being cryptic, so who knows. But it's apparent that Rose is indeed very close to full contact and that everything appears to be on schedule. If this all goes according to plan, I would assume we see Rose back on the court in the next month or so.

Looking at the schedule a logical date would seem like Feb. 19 against the Hornets, which is the first game after the All-Star Break. I'm sure many fans would love to see him make his comeback the next game when the Bulls take on the Heat at the United Center on a TNT Thursday, but I'd rather see Derrick return in a low profile game. Hell, I wouldn't even care if he missed the Heat game and returned against the Bobcats on the 22nd.

Either way. We're close.