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Nate Robinson contract: Bulls pass on waiving Robinson, deal is fully guaranteed for the year

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

A minor salary note for the Bulls occurred New Years Day, as they didn't waive Nate Robinson. It was the final chance to do so before his contract is fully guaranteed.

A no-brainer decision, and therefore somewhat expected, though we always caution against the Bulls not doing what's best when it comes to team payroll. They do have enough room under the hard cap to sign 10-day deals or even add another minimum contract for the rest of the season, though as of now there isn't an emergency need it's nearly getting to that point when it comes to a backup big, as Nazr Mohammed has been pretty awful.

Also of (extremely slight) importance in this news is that Ric Bucher was wrong. So maybe he was wrong about his Rose prognostications too, though...maybe not. But maybe. Listen, I don't know who he talks to.