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VIDEO: Marco Belinelli has Celtics sleeping with the fishes

For the second game in a row, the Bulls came up with last-second game-winner in overtime. This time around, it was Marco Belinelli.

So the Bulls have been playing in some pretty darn exciting games lately, eh? After Luol Deng beat the Raptors on Wednesday with a last-second jumper in overtime, Marco Belinelli did the same thing to the Celtics on Friday night at the TD Garden.

Belinelli's game-winner came off what appeared to be a broken play, with Carlos Boozer nearly throwing it away on the entry pass to the shooting guard. But Belinelli was able to gather the pass and somehow make the fadeaway jumper over Jason Terry. Fitting, because it was Terry who had just given the Celtics the lead moments before.

It was a really nice moment for Belinelli, who has struggled recently since returning to the bench with the return of Richard Hamilton from injury. Belinelli was really bad down the stretch against the Raptors, and wasn't much better against the Celtics before redeeming himself with his heroics.

Video courtesy of @BeyondTheBuzzer.