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Bulls vs. Suns game preview: A winner and a loser from New York play the next night


[Thanks to prevenge for today's game preview. There are still some openings left this month if you're interested. And if you're interested in going to the actual games, use our partners if you want Chicago Bulls Tickets. -yfbb]

The Bulls and the Suns are a study of contrasts. Aside from the Bulls' odd flakiness this season [we lost to the Bobcats: as Adidas Garnett would say, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEEEE!!!], we've been getting it done in general throughout the year, while the Suns … well. How do I put this....

The Suns are 12 and 26. The Bulls are 20 and 14. To put this another way, if the Bulls and the Suns were in a playoff race between each other, the Bulls would have a ten game lead. TEN. The Suns have played four more games than the Bulls up to this point and still have eight less wins! They're so fun, they're having articles like this one written about them quitting. Or … we can let Bright Side of the Sun [a great blog that I used to visit because Steve Nash is awesome, by the way] be illustrative with quotes like this:

Final Thoughts: The Suns have become one of the very worst teams in the NBA.

The Bulls aren't one of the very worst teams in the NBA. At least so far. I think. I mean we don't have very many good players but our bench is OK because Thibodeau is made out of magic beans or something.

Apparently we beat the Suns earlier this year [I actually didn't know this before writing this]. It looks like one of the less close 6 point games in existence [but look at that fourth quarter? eesh ... closing problems, anyone?]. This one should be worse.

Did I mention that the Suns have something like a 12 game road losing streak?

Look, this game is going to be generally boring, because the Suns have quit, and the Bulls … have not. I could say something like "Oh no! This is going to be a trap game!", but no. BUT NO.

But hey ... who knows? This could be a trap game.

Things to look for:

-Can Nate Robinson make up for Derrick Rose not being here and dunk on Dragic again? Someone has to, right? Maybe Boozer can do it. I don't care that he's 6'9, whatever. Or maybe Dragic will take his revenge on Nate Rob or something, and nobody will care. Or Nate can do THE TUNNEL LAYUP AGAIN.

-Oh my god, Carlos Boozer isn't sucking, I FEEL LIKE I'VE JUST STEPPED INTO A PARALLEL UNIVERSE CAN HE KEEP IT UP?!?!?!? [Note: he got 24-17 in that other Suns game and Luis Scola is not known for being a strong defender. Signs point to yes.]

-On a similar note, who's ready for the battle of Boozer and his Argentinian stat clone? That might be fun to watch, except if Scola is mailing it in. [Well, or maybe even if Scola is mailing it in. They're both bad enough on defense that you get to see a bunch of slow guys scoring in baffling ways.]

-We get to see if Michael Beasley can prove that he should have been picked fi-I can't even finish writing that sentence. Is Beasley even playing basketball anymore? Where am I?! Looking at the box score he had four minutes last game! Maybe he'll get a DNP: sucks at basketball. Or the Suns could make him their point guard. I'm rooting for that just for the entertainment value.

- Lenscrafter Opposing Player Neil Funk Shits On All Game: I'm going to go with an underrated entrant this game and say Neil's going to talk about Goran Dragic, mainly because he's one of the few people on the Suns who are actually good at this point.

Also because he got dunked on. Did I mention that Dragic got dunked on? There was also this embarrassing thing that happened to Dragic with our injured point guard.

No, not this. The other injured point guard. Who does that to other people.

I just want to link that 50 thousand more times now.

I'll leave you with a small preview of Neil Funk aural bliss:

"Now Stacey, that guy's just throwing up a lot of shots. He doesn't distribute the ball enough for my taste. These scoring point guards, they don't know how to get an offense moving. Now look at Kirk Hinrich, on the other hand. He moves the ball and makes smart decisions.

If only this was playoff basketball.

Get well soon, Derrick. Nate: practice the tunnel. Kirk: I don't even know what to say. Other people: do yo' thangs.

Go Bulls!