Price of a point guard

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Depth chart

Depth chart

Depth chart key

  • One small consistency: Usually when teams underpay at the PG position, they are well-positioned for a failed team. The major exceptions are Indiana Pacers, Memphis Grizzlies, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Miami Heat. Indiana is such an evenly talented team in their entirety that its quite interesting. Memphis has a problem at the backup PG position. In fact, during the Memphis-LAC playoff series, Conley was tiring down because he was playing 40 minute games.
  • The Charlotte Bobcats had the unique distinction of attempting to convert Kemba Walker into a point guard when D.J. Augustin got injured.

Data table

Data table

Point guard pay distribution


If NBA point guards were paid perfectly (according to their PER rating), then the "r2 value" for the graph would have been 1. But the actual "r2 value" was 0.2409.

Pay distribution by contract size

Key for Pay-Play

Cap hit to pay

From best contracts to worst contracts (by performance vs. contract size)

Residual rate

Its impressive how accurate these results are. Of course, PER has some minor flaws. But when it comes to point guards, PER reflects performance quite accurately.

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