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Basketball Hall of Fame: Sam Smith, Chet Walker inducted this weekend

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The Basketball Hall of Fame is having it's induction ceremonies this weekend. The recipient of the Curt Gowdy Media Award is Sam Smith, the longtime Bulls and Pro Basketball writer for the Chicago Tribune and who currently works at

You can check out a lengthy tribute at As well as Kelly Dwyer's more personal anecdotes about Sam's impact at Yahoo!.

Not that I've experienced anything like Dwyer's personal interaction with Smith, but I do share the same perspective as a Chicago sports section reader. For many years, reading Sam's insane league-wide trade rumor and speculation columns was a weekly treat. And I think it was a pretty lucky situation to have someone like that available in our city.

Of course, BlogABull was partially inspired by the frustration of reading Smith and other mainstream coverage of the Bulls, and we've had our (mostly one-sided) tiffs. I did meet him in person once and he was pretty pleasant, told him I was a big fan and it wasn't a lie. He did not ask about my mother's basement but based on past comments he probably was thinking it.

As his career has transitioned into part of the Bulls-owned media and he seemingly has lost his teeth to hold his employer accountable a bit, the shots at Sam have only escalated. But while I don't agree with his musings a lot of the time, I do appreciate that I've been able to read so much of it.

You can check out the video of his acceptance speech at Fittingly he opened with a couple of bad jokes.

And I apologize in reducing the following to a footnote, but 70s Bulls star Chet Walker is also being inducted this weekend. There's a nice story of Walker's career here.