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Brian Scalabrine turns down Bulls Assistant Coach position for TV work in Boston

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Brian Scalabrine has turned down coaching job with Bulls and will call games for Comcast Sports New England this season, he tells Y! Sports. Scalabrine will do color analysis on 11 games for the Celtics, as well as some studio work. "A trial run for both of us"

Scalabrine isn't prepared to say he's retired from playing in the NBA but concedes, "I had zero opportunities. Not some, but zero." Scalabrine left open the possibility of taking a playing job overseas in January, but believes he's probably on the TV side for good now.

Scalabrine had chance to join Tom Thibodeau's coaching staff and says, "Saying no to Thibs was the hardest decision I've ever had to make."

A couple weeks ago, reports surfaced that Scal was the favorite to take the vacancy on Thibs's staff when Rick Brunson left, but nothing was official.

Best of luck to him, but I do think this is a hit for the Bulls loyalty industry. They gifted Scal a roster spot for two seasons likely hoping this would be where he transitioned afterward.