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Luol Deng injury: Deng's indicated no surgery until Summer 2013, if ever

Luol Deng put off surgery after injuring his wrist during the 2012 season until after playing the Olympics. He still hasn't gotten it done and all indications are he won't for a while.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

I went after the rest of Sam Smith's latest here, but buried in there was an interesting little blurb about Deng and his wrist, a topic which has seemingly evaporated into thin air in recent weeks:

The feeling now is Deng may not even have surgery, and if he eventually does it may be more to only ward off future discomfort. Deng has indicated to the Bulls if he has surgery he expects it will be the summer of 2013.

I've mentioned several times here that I thought Deng should have gotten surgery immediately after the Olympics. He wouldn't have missed THAT much regular season time, and we could have gotten past this whole situation once he returned. But now that he's chosen not to go under the knife, those questions about the wrist will linger. I guess the only way to shut the doubters like myself up are to come out and set the world on fire.