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Comeback Day: Derrick Rose -- Adidas back again with the return

On NBA Comeback day, there's really only one that matters for Bulls fans. And Adidas is there to sell us shoes to commemorate it every step of the way.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Concluding our series of off-season themed posts, today across SB Nation is Comeback Day. All of the NBA blogs will be talking about a memorable comeback associated with their franchise, whether a game or a season or a player or whatever.

With the Bulls, there's really only one comeback on all our minds right now. And Adidas has been nice enough to post their (seemingly) weekly Derrick Rose video. This one is more of a pure commercial than the schmaltzy documentaries that have made up #thereturn series.

adidas Basketball: The Return of D Rose TV Commercial -- Wake Up (via adidasbasketball)

A few things:

  • I remember where I was when Rose got injured. I was at the game! I was also cursing Thibodeau. Never forget.
  • Is that WGN's Dan Roan in the production truck?
  • Inattention to detail: hot dog vendor with a ketchup bottle? C'mon, get your stereotypes straight.
  • I believe that's Derrick's brother Reggie who gets the hug before Derrick emerges from the tunnel.

And lastly, I am guessing that the ultimate 'return' won't be as fairy-tale as this video suggests. It'll probably be some road game where Rose plays 12 minutes off the bench, preceded by a couple weeks of false-starts and lying from the Bulls about his status. Also, they'll be 4-7 games under .500. But maybe the opening round of the playoffs will have that feel!