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Kyrylo Fesenko to work out with Bulls, obviously doesn't follow NBA offseason

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Free agent big man Kyrylo Fesenko announced via Twitter that he would be working out with the Chicago Bulls. Fesenko also announced that he was excited to see former Jazz teammates Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer, who of course are no longer Bulls.

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This story was mentioned in the FanShots, but it was simply too funny not to be brought to the front page. Free agent big man Kyrylo Fesenko broke the news on Twitter yesterday that he had landed in Chicago and would be working out with the Bulls today. The Bulls could probably use another big because Nazr Mohammed may certainly be washed up, but remember, hard cap!

The humor in this whole thing comes from the tail end of Fesenko's tweet, where he proclaimed his excitement about seeing several former Jazz teammates:

Apparently Fesenko hasn't followed much of this NBA offseason, otherwise he would have known that Kyle Korver was traded for a trade exception that won't get used and Ronnie Brewer was waived for basketball financial reasons. Fesenko was quickly alerted to his mistake and offered an apology:

I'd make fun of Fesenko for his poor grammar here, but I'll give him a break since it's Twitter and he's foreign. Again, he'd be a nice addition as he's just 25 and a legit 7-footer, but the Bulls wouldn't be able to sign him until after game 11 or so because of that dastardly hard cap.