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Chicago Bulls Salary Cap: "official numbers" show bind for next two seasons

Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Yeah, we probably talk about this too much here, but I wanted to pass along the information: ShamSports has officially updated the Bulls salaries. They now reflect the most bummer offseason ever.

So go check that out in full, but some quick notes based on assumptions made earlier this offseason:

  • I had Deng's amount $60k too high, Sham now reflects that as an 'unlikely' bonus and therefore not calculated.
  • As he recently disclosed, the site now shows Nate Robinson's minimum deal as only $400k guaranteed if waived before 1/1. I still figure this is unlikely to happen, unless Nate is a pain in the locker room or something: even the Adidas corporation wouldn't suggest Rose is back by New Years, Marquis Teague may be terrible, and Robinson could be a bargain if he plays like he did last year.
  • And reiterating a story he reported first, the site shows Teague's salary as 100% (and not 120%) of the rookie scale.

The Bulls total roster charges are at $73,548,398, which leaves only $758,602 under the Luxury Tax Apron, a figure that the Bulls cannot (no exceptions, no nothing) go over all season. I'm pretty sure that once the season starts, contracts are prorated, so by some quick math it won't be until game #11 where the Bulls can add a minimum salaried player as a 14th roster spot. Obviously there's a bit more room later in the year with 10-day contracts and the possibility of waiving Robinson.

And, of course, we can fast forward 10 months to next offseason, with the Bulls already committed to $65,494,288 in guaranteed money. That's including Jimmy Butler's team option and Rip Hamilton's $1m buyout, but doesn't include Taj Gibson's qualifying offer (let alone massive raise) or the other roster 'charges' for empty spots. The luxury tax is likely going to stay around $71m, so potentially brace yourselves for something horrific like Taj walking or Hinrich being the starting SG in 2013 or both.