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The Return of Derrick Rose: Episode 3 - Focus

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Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

On the heels of our beloved Derrick Rose crying at a promotional event in Chicago, adidas Basketball has released the third episode of the commercial/documentary that is chronicling #TheReturn from his ACL surgery. The title of this new episode is "Focus," and the main theme revolves around hard work and, you guessed it, staying focused while rehabbing. Rose has pretty much been playing basketball nonstop since he was three or four years old, so it's been somewhat of a challenge for him to remain completely focused while not actually being on the court.

There's nothing all that groundbreaking here, although we did get a good line about how missing the Olympics "killed his dreams." We get all the usual shots of him working out, hanging with friends, and we even get one of him playing as himself in the NBA 2K video game series. The episode ends with some words from Bulls trainer Fred Tedeschi, who naturally talks about how Rose's progress is great and how the point guard's passion to get better is a driving force in his recovery.