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Chicago Bulls training camp: With no spots to be won, who will be brought in?

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Though we're in the truly dead period of NBA news, remember that training camp is mercifully only a few weeks away. And thus there are 'signings' announced everyday by teams that are effectively camp invitations: usually for little to no guaranteed money. HoopsRumors has done a very thorough job mentioning these if you want to at least see some "oh yeah, that guy!" names. Like Flip Murray!

The Bulls haven't made any such signings. They have their 13 signed players and not enough room under the luxury tax apron to give a full-season contract.

I'm curious if the complete inability to sign a training camp invitee will have an adverse affect on the quality of the camp itself. Obviously I wouldn't suggest a major affect, since we'd be talking about merely the 'hopefuls' of an NBA roster regardless. However, while the Bulls have had camps with no real spots open (and there's plenty of teams with maxed-out guaranteed rosters) I'm not sure it's ever been such an ironclad case that nobody can actually make the team.

When I brought this up on Twitter last month, D-League blogger (and now D-League franchise executive!) Scott Schroeder replied that no matter the chances of making a team, being in a training camp looks good on the resume of a fringe-NBA-er. And there is always the chance for such candidates to warrant a look midseason when the Bulls can sign someone again. Still, I can't see how this doesn't mean the Bulls will be missing out on some talent for their own camp this year.

(On the plus side, we can see what Chris Richard has been up to and if there are any other Pargo brothers out there.)