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Derrick Rose rehab: Rose gets emotional at Adidas promotional event in Chicago

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Adidas has really pulled out all the stops with their messianic shoe commercial that is #TheReturn of Derrick Rose. The most recent 'episode' was posted last week, and today the man himself made an appearance in Chicago unveiling some stuff to buy.

SBNationChicago's Ricky O'Donnell was there, and got some really eye-opening video of Rose trying to compose himself after seeing the video.

First of all, yes: I was that little boy with the website who they were talking about at the end, how did you guess???

It's understandable for Rose to be overwhelmed, obviously. He's been through a lot, and yet has so much left to go. KC Johnson was also at the event and has some quotes on the progress of his rehab. You can decide how excited to get about them. I've vowed not to give too many specific Rose updates, because 1) all athlete rehabs always go GREAT 2) everyone involved, including Derrick himself, lied to us all last season about his injuries.

Of course, I hope he's back on the court when he's ready, and that time is as soon as possible.

And let's say that Rose's factors (age, improved medicine, his...desire? I guess?) make this recovery quicker/better than most in the past. Another unique athlete, the Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson, just seemingly completed a very quick recovery from a similar injury. But if Rose is back sooner and better than initially expected, It only makes me feel worse about the Bulls effectively giving up on trying to improve for this (and maybe next) season. Here are Rose's words on that:

The team that we have now, we have a good shot. The players that we had come in. we have a good chance. It just didn't work out. We've had new guys come in. The players that we lost, I'm definitely going to miss them. It's a business first and you're not going to have the same people every year. The players that we have and the coaches that we have, we're just going to have to make do and go out and try to win a championship.