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NBA Rivals - Who is your most hated opponent?

Our theme this week at SBNBA is the team's biggest rivalry. There will be a post tomorrow on the topic. But, in this rare circumstance, I actually kinda sorta care what you think on the matter: who do you consider the Bulls biggest rival?

Is it Miami, even though the Bulls won't be at their level next season (or then some, if the 2014 plan is real).

Maybe a more local division rival like the Pacers? They certainly don't like us.

Or do you hold on to more traditional dynasty-era rivalries like the Pistons, Knicks or Cavs? The Celtics are loathsome in any era, certainly, perhaps most now with fucking Rondo.

Anybody in the West? Maybe the Thunder just due to jealously and wanting their young happy team to blow up (is that just me?), and/or the vile comparison of Westduck to Derrick Rose? The Lakers due to their Laker-ness?

I'm asking because it should lead to some spitefully fun comments. Our specialty!