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Derrick Rose's 'push shot' is really freaking awesome

<em>Red Kerr would have loved Rose's "giant killer."</em> Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE
Red Kerr would have loved Rose's "giant killer." Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

There are a ton of things I miss about Derrick Rose. His lightning quick speed. His jaw-dropping athleticism. His killer crossover. But one of the truly unique and perhaps underappreciated parts of Rose's game is that little push shot/floater/runner/whatever you want to call it that he has nearly perfected. Beckley Mason of's True Hoop Network put together a list of the NBA's most signature moves, and Rose's "push shot" is the first one discussed:

It's not quite a floater and not quite a runner, but Rose's phenomenally accurate one-handed push shot is one of the masterful shots in the game. Like no player before him, Rose has the ability to go from full speed to a two-foot full stop, rise up (and often over much larger players) then coolly flick the ball either straight in or off the backboard with sublime touch.

It really is remarkable how Rose is able to execute such a difficult shot with such precision. There are so many factors that come into play, and yet, Rose has turned that shot into one of the most lethal weapons in the league. I don't have any numbers to illustrate just how successful it has been, but it sure seems like it works a whole heck of a lot.

Furthermore, this shot will be especially useful when Rose returns from his ACL injury, and also as he gets older in general. Anything that helps him avoid hard contact is a plus, and pulling up in the lane rather than taking it all the way to the rack usually does that.

Get well soon, Derrick. I miss this: