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Gar Forman has finally appeared this offseason, in a truly unfortunate manner

Not to pile on the former shoulda-been (if you factor in his boss's votes) executive of the year, but Gar Forman kind of brought this on himself. The crappy moves are one thing, his disingenuous (or ill-informed?) remarks on his intended direction of the offseason another, but maybe even worse is his complete disappearance since then.

There was mention of this in Bradford Doolittle's fantastic post earlier today:

The only news conference the team had all summer came in late July [ed. note: I swear KC Johnson mentioned that there was a usual offseason presser that was cancelled, maybe before summer league? -yfbb], when a small group of local media showed up at the team's suburban headquarters. The occasion was the official introductions of newly signed guards Kirk Hinrich and Marco Belinelli.

The presser happened to fall on the same day Chicago decided against matching the offer sheet former backup center Omer Asik signed with the Houston Rockets. General manager Gar Forman, on hand for the niceties, wasn't talking about Asik, whose departure constituted the only real news of the day, or anything else, really. It made for an awkward experience.

As I remarked on what was Kirk Hinrich Day, while it was a shame Gar didn't address the media, that was only exacerbated upon learning that he retreated to field some to Chuck Swirsky softballs instead.

So with that in mind, the following find from Chicago Bullseye's Fred Pfeiffer becomes even more potent nightmare-fuel: Gar Forman's golf outing with former Bulls coach Tim Floyd.

Floyd and Forman are great friends; can't you tell? They're linked by basketball, Taj Gibson (Floyd coached him; Forman drafted him) and, well, the links.

...Said Forman: "He's the best."


The connection is fairly well-known, the two had a scandal-filled past, though Forman formally came away clean. Now, we have no stones to throw with the NCAA given Derrick Rose and all, but forget that: any connection to perhaps the worst era in Bulls history is kinda gross. When things were more grim for the Org., this was another in a long line of questions about their aptitude and temperament for the job.

The front office has done better work since then, but this offseason has been pretty bad for Gar and company. And from a fan perspective, only made worse by his no-show to us since then. Heck, Forman was supposed to be the guy in charge of such plebeian matters when Paxson quit his way to a promotion. So, after all that, to then to see an appearance with Tim Floyd of all people? I get that it's a nothing-story, and fodder for some humor, but still...ew.