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Derrick Rose is getting back to work

So Derrick Rose joined Twitter a couple of days ago, and let people know via Facebook that he would be mainly using it to update fans on his rehab from ACL surgery. On the subject of that rehab, Steve Kyler of HOOPSWORLD reported last week that Rose would be looking to get in some stationary court work sometime in the near future.

And so tonight, we get this:

Now there's no need to overreact to seeing Rose back on the court because it was sort of expected based on Kyler's report (and who knows just how much "work" he did). We're still a long ways away from Rose actually getting back to game action, and Jerry Reinsdorf has already said the Bulls would be extra careful with the handling of their superstar. Still, it's pretty freaking awesome to see Rose back on the hardwood with a basketball in hand. And in an offseason full of disappointment, this certainly should make people feel a little better.