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Hopefully Derrick Rose took note that Kevin Love also hates dancing

After getting through having to see yet another superstar team-up while the Bulls own hometown hero is told to do more with less, there was a quick yet important note out of the weekend: Kevin Love hates dancing.

After TeamUSA took the Gold Medal on Sunday, an impromptu celebration was and led by LeBron James. Kevin Love stood like a statue and (if we could see his face, let's just assume...) looked unimpressed by the whole thing. Do you remember who also has a general disdain for tomfoolery of this sort? A young superstar named Derrick Rose. There was even a very solid Tumblr spawned from his being bummed out at the most recent All-Star Game.

Now, we all know that the part of Rose's personality that hates brash jackassery is also likely why he doesn't recruit other players to come play with him. Or even say it'd be nice to be on a better team. It'd hurt his current teammates, you see...which is kind of nice but also kinda silly given that ownership has no qualms jettisoning some of that lot.

I've long said that I don't think Rose has to recruit, and don't hold it against him that he doesn't, but also he shouldn't be lauded for not doing so. Seems like it couldn't hurt. Maybe his recent arrival on to Twitter signals a change. Or maybe it's finding his basketball soulmate, Kevin Love, who's really really good and also hates dancing. He also won't be a free agent for the horseshit lie that is the 2014 plan, but maybe can force a trade out or something. And then the Bulls would be ready to pounce with all their flexibility!

Yes...this is all just nonsense-stalling to post the GIFs below the jump.