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Kirk Hinrich day: press conference scheduled for 2pm

captain-caption contest? (Mandatory Credit: Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE)
captain-caption contest? (Mandatory Credit: Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE)

Today is Kirk Hinrich day. It's gloomy and rain-soaked here in Chicago, sort of like our ex-PG-turned-new-PG-turned-future-SG, prodigal son, returning hero, rescue us from championship contention towards our familiar setting of sweet scrappy upper-mediocrity.

There's a press conference scheduled for 2 to introduce the object of the Org's affections. To formally sign him they'll have to formally decline to match the offer to Asik.*

I'm guessing this will be streamed live at Look out to see if anyone asks Gar Forman whether his moves this offseason were truly 'Basketball decisions', and how he feels after failing at his 'top priority' of retaining Asik. Not that we'll get a good answer, I just like the entertainment. KC Johnson is in London for the Olympics, so we'll see if anyone else there steps up, or if it'll all be "Kirk, I'm some old dude from some no-name local media outlet, talk about your house in the area...was a short commute important for you?"

*KC mentions that the Bulls will pay the luxury tax for the first time in history. Technically they don't have to pay until their team salary is over the tax threshold at the end of the season.