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Chicago Bulls Free Agency: Hinrich deal official, other signing details trickling in


KC with the particulars.

Hinrich is believed to have signed a two-year deal worth roughly $8 million.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Belinelli's deal will be two years for $3.8 million.

This permutation of signings (Hinrich using part of Full MLE, Belinelli with BAE) was assumed over the weekend, you can read the full ramifications here.

In short, it's kindof a bad way to keep flexibility. Bulls are now facing a hard limit of $74m for the entire season, restricting what they can take back in a trade (using Korver TPE or otherwise) during the year. Now, its likely that all midseason deals would be cutting salary, but once again the Bulls are limiting options. They've also lost the ability to use the BAE next offseason.

The Nazr Mohammed signing is indeed at the minimum, and CSNChicago is reporting the Bulls are still in on Randy Foye and summer league standout Malcolm Thomas.