Bulls trying to ink Malcolm Thomas and possibly Randy Foye...

Unsurprisingly, other teams after Thomas, too. Bellinelli deal apparently isn't precluding Bulls from continuing to chase FA 2G Randy Foye.


Source confirms Marco Bellinelli's deal with the Bulls is done. Also: Bulls attempting to sign summer-leaguer Malcolm Thomas to 1-year deal.


I think we are all happy to see the organization make a strong go at Thomas, who has shown good rebounding and athleticism in the summer league.

I was secretly hoping that we had a shot at Randy Foye, who, to me, played well for the Clippers last year. Of course, this perspective is only from the current objectives given by the front office, not by my or anyone's wildest dreams. Foye is an active body with enough experience to keep the team afloat.

I am not sure how they get this done, under their current financial situation. Foye has made pretty decent money of late. But, maybe the prospect of getting some decent playing time is enough for him to come for limited dollars.

We shall see.


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