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Omer Asik Rumors: Gar Forman declines to comment on reported offer


Gar Forman and the Bulls met the media on Monday, for the occasion of introducing 1st round pick Marquis Teague. There's video at that link if you want to check it out. Lots of 'talk about' questions. Teague sounds nice. That's all I got.

Forman was also asked about the news of the day, the reported Rockets offer to restricted Free Agent Omer Asik. At the risk of making a dated reference incorrectly, I believe his answer is what is called 'going Sgt. Schultz':

In regards to Omer, obviously I've seen reports of an offer. But we haven't seen anything yet. I don't want to speculate until we actually we see something. We've made it clear we value Omer and it's been our goal that Omer would stay with the Bulls. I'm not going to talk about any type of negotiation or anything contractually until we see something.

So there you go. Unless Forman cares to make fans happy with dreaded 'speculation', I wouldn't expect them to say anything until the 11th at the earliest. At least not officially. Darn.

Tom Thibodeau also wouldn't remark on the offer, but praised Omer's worth to his team:

I don't think you can measure him statistically. Even though some of his statistics are very, very good. But he's also very smart, he helps your team execute at both ends, so he has great value in the league. I don't want to look at it [the possibility of losing him] that way. I think in the end we'll weigh everything out and then we'll make a decision ... He's done a great job here for two years. Obviously his defense, shot blocking, rebounding, that part's obvious, but I think offensively his ability to run the floor, screen, get to the offensive board, that's what makes him so valuable to us, so we certainly value all that he brings to our team.

Thibs's boss does have some time to try and frame this as a 'basketball decision'.