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Bulls free agency rumors: Contract offered to Hinrich, Willie Green targeted


While the Bulls have time to decide what to do with Omer Asik, they also are also still looking to the free agency market for guard help. There have been plenty of names already seen over the weekend, but CSNChicago's Aggrey Sam adds another:

If the Bulls opt to let Asik walk, they will be faced with having to sign another backup center, but it could leave room to re-sign one of their other free agents, such as point guard C.J. Watson, or pursue other backcourt help, like veteran combo guard Willie Green, who has emerged as a target, according to an individual with knowledge of the Bulls' free-agency plans.

(note that CJ isn't a free agent, the Bulls can pick up his 1-year option)

Willie Green stinks, but it's the caliber of player we probably should be expecting to see, given what Sam found out about what was offered prodigal son Kirk Hinrich:

It's been reported that the organization reached out to former Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich at the outset of free agency and according to a person with knowledge of the situation, offered a deal at or just above the veteran's minimum and below the "mini" mid-level exception, which could be under [Hinrich's] desired price range

For reference, the 'mini' MLE starts at $3m, and the minimum for someone of Hinrich's experience is around $1.23m (though the cap figure is lower). Hinrich may not be a fun signing either, but he has shown to have some kind of market, and KC Johnson has the number of teams interested in the former Bulls captain up to 8.

I'm very curious as to how many years were offered to Hinrich. In terms of their precious flexibility, it's better for the Bulls to have only 1-year of CJ Watson instead of potentially 2-3 years of even a slightly cheaper Hinrich, outside of luxury tax calculations of course.