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Bulls Free Agency Rumors: Courtney Lee, Nazr Mohammed lead list of names Bulls may miss out on


After missing out on OJ Mayo, here's some other rumors this morning on Bulls targets that are likely not really targets that they'll miss out on anyway.

Beware teams with cap space to burn, especially on teams that have trouble attracting free agents. Courtney Lee may be the beneficiary if the TWovles have their offer to Nic Batum matched, says Darren Wolfson (via Canis Hoopus):

As for getting a wing, the Wolves will sign free agent Courtney Lee if the price is right. But they won't wait long after Thursday morning. If his price is too high, they will move quickly to sign free agent Ronnie Brewer. If Lee waits too long, he won't be a Timberwolf.

[Ronnie Brewer held out hope he'd re-sign with the Bulls after they declined to guarantee his deal, so I guess he counts as well]

The Celtics have previously been rumored to be looking to acquire Lee in a sign-and-trade (which would be a real kick in the teeth). The Suns may also be interested after losing out on both Eric Gordon and Mayo, but that's just speculation for now. The Bulls did 'make contact' with Lee, but there's the small issue with not having any exceptions left nor desire to take on salary in a trade.

The inactivity elsewhere almost makes me think the Bulls are going to match on Omer Asik, though I'll probably change my mind in 20 minutes. KC Johnson (via BBtH) reiterates that the Bulls will pursue Nazr Mohammed if they don't match on Asik, but the Nets are reportedly also in pursuit of Mohammed as well. And for this season, anyway, I think the Nets may actually be the more attractive old-man FA destination. They've made it quite clear they're trying to win as many games as possible, whereas I can't say the same for the Bulls.