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Bulls Free Agent Rumors: O.J. Mayo off the board, signs with the Mavericks


[Give a welcome to Jay, who's going to be contributing to the blog . Unfortunately it starts on bit of a bummer note -yfbb]

O.J. Mayo's name has been a hot one around these parts the past few days, especially after a Yahoo! Sports report stated that the Bulls were one of four teams interested in the shooting guard. Well, it appears Mayo has chosen his next destination, and wouldn't you know it, it's not Chicago.

Per the man's own Twitter account:

I always considered Mayo a long shot because of his likely high-ish price tag, but I was hoping the Bulls would at least try and make a run at him using the trade exception created in the Kyle Korver deal. While I've never been the biggest fan of the guy (I actually was preparing a post that would have been not so kind to him), he's certainly an intriguing talent that could have potentially given the Bulls that extra shot creator they're looking for.

But now with Mayo off the board, the Bulls must set their sights elsewhere. Courtney Lee and Brandon Rush are still possibilities, and ones that could potentially slide into that trade exception. Of course, the Bulls could just be one step closer to not using the exception at all, which would shock nobody.