I Love NY! Big Apple appears to give FU to Houston and Lin...

Sure, I enjoyed the soap-opera that was Jeremy Lin last year. I live in NY state and it was nice to see the Knicks fun again, though I am a die-hard Bulls fan (I prefer they have something to lose.) It always rubbed me the wrong way that he was immediately vaulted into the position of upper-eschelon PG hierarchy.

So, when Houston proposed their huge contract for him, it gave me even more pause. <I am certainly angry at the Rockets for pricing Asik the way they did. It doesn't matter if that was right or wrong, of course, it just affected our deloved Bulls team in a very bad way.> Then, they upped the ante on Lin's contract offer and made life really hard on the Knicks. But, for once, the NY front office showed some bone and made the trade to bring back Raymond Felton (only as per current reports - alongside Kurt Thomas).


The Knicks have acquired Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas from Portland for Jared Jeffries and Dan Gadzuric, sources tell the Daily News

I say, bravo!! I know some will say that you can't fault Lin for turning away that kind of money, but there was something special in NY and I think it could have been equally as lucrative for him to compromise a bit and stay there. Now, he will be doing promos for some tangy BBQ sauce or something, instead of the true glamor that could have awaited him with the Knicks.

Now, I do have serious doubts about Lin being a starting point guard on an elite team. I really think that the league will run video on him and have him in fits. We saw it first-hand with DRose and if someone as talented as Derrick can be bottle-necked, then Lin is really going to have a hell of a time. (I sure hope JKidd is in good condition this year.)

Kudos to the Knicks and my money is on the Rockets really suffering for this move, overall.

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