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Bulls Free Agent Rumors: Asik suitors in flux, Bulls target guard help

Free Agency is in its first day, and the biggest news from the 'casual' Bulls is waiting on other teams' pursuit of Restricted Free Agent Omer Asik. It was reported overnight that Houston went after the Bulls backup big man immediately as the courting period began, armed with an $8m average annual offer.

Portland was mentioned as a team meeting with Asik as well, but since then they've made a maximum offer to Pacers center (and RFA himself) Roy Hibbert. If the Pacers don't match, Portland would obviously be out of the Asik running, but reportedly the Pacers themselves would then look to Asik to replace Hibbert.

On the Bulls front, buried in the 'hands are tied'* update from KC Johnson was the mention of several lesser names:

General around-the-league rumors are here, Dwight Howard nonsense is here, with even more random stuff on the sidebar.

*which is a funny way of putting it.