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Taj Gibson eligible for early contract extension

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[From a deleted fanshot that went out a hero.

Something that slipped through the cracks when discussing this offseason: Gibson is eligible for an early contract extension, in the same way Rose was last offseason. We'll see how they value 'cost certainty' of getting it done early over the 'certain cost' of Gibson's raise. If he's not extended by the beginning of next season, he'll be a restricted free agent next offseason -yfbb.]

Tells ESPNChicago: "I love wearing the Bulls logo across my chest"

Another quote:

I believe my future is here. Either mid-July or next year (for an extension), just have to be patient and just wait and see.

Plus, his agent Mark Bartelstein confirmed that the two sides have had initial conversations regarding an extension. Pretty sure we can all agree that Taj needs to stay a Bull for many years to come. Boozer says: Extend that shit!