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Bulls offseason rumors: Another beat reporter, another tax-dodging report

Add ESPNChicago's Nick Freidell to the chorus saying that the Bulls will make several cuts to their roster this offseason.

Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf has stated publicly several times over the past few years that he would be willing to go into the luxury tax if it made sense, but that doesn't mean the organization wants to do it. When speaking to people within the organization, you get the sense that they are going to do everything they can to make sure they go as little into the tax as they have to.


While Brewer has always figured to be the odd man out of that group because second-year swingman Jimmy Butler could step into that role, the reality is the Bulls may also decide not to bring back Korver or Watson because of financial concerns. Watson (and his $3.7 million option) figured to be a relative slam dunk because of his familiarity with the offense and the fact that Rose will likely be out several months next season, but the Bulls have not yet made a final decision on Watson and are definitely keeping their options open both in the draft and in free agency, hoping they can somehow find a cheaper option.

Friedell later joins in on those saying Carlos Boozer won't be amnestied. As they 'need his scoring'. Though I don't think it's cynical to think of that as a financial decision also given the others would be.

For a reminder of what the Bulls face this offseason, here's our earlier posts on their contracts situation and the luxury tax. They're so close to the edges that you wonder whether trading up in the draft is even an option, as the guaranteed money goes up the higher the selection. However wiggle room does exist if they assume the tax line will raise with league revenues next year, and their ability to do a midseason trade to get under if necessary. It would be a risk, obviously.