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2012 NBA Draft: Bulls pre-draft workouts feature upperclassmen guards and bigs


The Bulls have begun their pre-draft workouts this week, as players come to Chicago for the 2012 NBA Draft Combine.

Over the weekend, they worked out the greatly undersized Michigan State "power forward" Draymond Green, along with "St. Bonaventure power forward Andrew Nicholson and Iona point guard Scott Machado, a rare trio of four-year college players considered first-round prospects", Aggrey Sam reports Monday at

Sam added a list of player the Bulls planned to work out Monday, the last day this week that the team will hold the private workouts:

In addition to Jared Cunningham (6-foot-4 junior) and John Jenkins (6-foot-4 junior), the morning group consists of: Will Barton, a 6-foot-6 sophomore shooting guard from Memphis; Doron Lamb, a 6-foot-4 sophomore shooting guard from Kentucky; Tanner Smith, a 6-foot-5 shooting guard from Clemson; Hollis Thompson, a 6-foot-8 small forward from Georgetown. In addition to Tu Holloway (6-foot senior) and Fab Melo (7-foot sophomore), the afternoon group consists of: J'Covan Brown, a 6-foot-1 junior point guard from Texas; Josh Owens, a 6-foot-8 senior power forward from Stanford; Robert Sacre, a 7-foot senior center from Gonzaga; Tony Wroten, a 6-foot-5 freshman point guard from Washington.

TheMoon has already contributed previews on Wroten as a player projected to go higher for whom the Bulls should explore possibilities. Moon also scouted Barton as a desired target. Jenkins was someone Moon advised against, with Lamb and the not-yet-worked out Orlando Johnson, in his first preview.

Melo and Wroten are the only underclassmen worked out this week and also the only players on this list currently projected by to go higher than #29, with Melo being the only big on the list projected by the site to be drafted at all. The point guards and these bigs could easily be scouting for possible summer league tryouts, as the talent on the wings is clearly better in this draft, regardless of the Bulls' needs.

Nicholson, on the other hand, is someone who pops up on most draft boards at the bottom of the first round and top of the second, raising the question of whether the Bulls will get the fifth big on their roster via this draft.

Smith, Owens, and Sacre are the only players listed not currently slated to participate in the Draft Combine on June 7-8 in Chicago.

There is a lot of subjective to go with the objective measurables, so there will be plenty of disagreement regarding all of these players. It should be understood why so many conflicting assessments can be made of the players scouted by the Bulls: there are always major perceived flaws with some merit which exist in all non-lottery players.