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Reading through one of KC's columns and there were quite a few nuggets that I haven't seen posted elsewhere, so I figured why not make a fanpost (fucking hate using the word "nuggets" to describe bits of information, but screw it, it works here). The following is just some excerpts from the column, and a couple thoughts on each. Now for you to do what I would advise Rajon Rondo to do if I saw him standing on a very tall bridge, or building of some sort: JUMP!:

- The meat of the article is KC discussing the Bulls newest draft pick, Marquis Teague, with his brother, and former BaB punching bag, Jeff (aka "weird mouth guy"). Probably best to just read the whole thing, but here's a quote from him:

"He's a really strong, athletic driver," Jeff said by phone. "He's a pass-first point guard. Going to Kentucky helped him a lot. He can shoot it, drive it. He's a really hard worker. I was surprised he became a great defender because he really never played defense in high school. The way he defended really impressed me."

- On Blog-a-Hinrich 2012:

Free agency begins Sunday at midnight. Beyond Kirk Hinrich, Delonte West is another veteran guard the Bulls have asked around about, sources said. Their plan is to add a veteran combo guard at the right price.

He tweeted something similar earlier, and I personally like the idea of Delonte. If the org doesn't think they'll be that good next year, nothing wrong with adding a little dash of crazy to spice things up. Plus, there's the whole thing with Lebron's mom, which is always fun. Oh, and also because, bringing the Craptain back, is the worst idea in an offseason filled with them. I REALLY don't want to spend a majority of my winter in my living room doing the Scott Skiles struggle face.

- Here's two quotes (one from the KC article and one from Sam Smith, in his mailbag) that run contrary to our fears that Reinsdorf would be averse to paying the tax. First KC:

Factoring in Teague's rookie scale contract, the Bulls have roughly $64.3 million committed to just eight players. Thus, it's likely they will enter luxury tax territory after re-signing restricted free agent Omer Asik - expected to draw interest from the Rockets - and filling out a 12- or 13-man roster.

Sam (in response to a reader who was basically questioning whether the Bulls would be willing to pay the tax next season):

I actually do expect them to pay luxury tax next season as all indications are they will match about anything for Asik and are not going to have a minimum salary point guard.

Good to hear, and especially encouraging when you consider they come from the two biggest killers of Bulls fan dreams currently in operation.

- In sadder news, it looks like the Bulls may have lost the man responsible for the Chem-O-Meter 3000:

The Magic officially hired Matt Lloyd as assistant general manager. Lloyd, with the Bulls since 1994, served as director of college scouting the last five years and was instrumental in the statistical database the Bulls used.

We are sorry to see you go, sir. But with every new Bench Mob that pops up, and every story about Bulls players attending the HS basketball game of their coaches' son, we will honor your memory.

- And finally, on the heels of the big Rafer Alston bombshell, here's the Demetri McCamey news!

Former Illinois guard Demetri McCamey could land on the summer-league team.

On an excitement scale, with 1 picture of Omer Asik holding a baby, meaning: "Not excited at all", and 10 pictures of Omer Asik holding a baby meaning: "Extremely excited", this news barely gets a 1.

Poll time!

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