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Omer Asik rumors: Rockets reported to go after center in Free Agency


First of all, it's good news that the draft is over so I no longer have to remind people that Omer Asik couldn't be traded on draft night. He's a restricted Free Agent, and free agency opens on Sunday.

The Houston Rockets have been linked to Omer Asik for a while, usually in a trade with Courtney Lee (who's an RFA now as well). They spent the last week trading what they could to gather draft picks and other assets for a possible Dwight Howard deal, then wound not getting Howard and having a half-dozen power forwards and no center.

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle parsed the words of Rockets GM Daryl Morey for us:

Daryl Morey said centers targeted in free agency. Translation : Omer Asik, Marcus Camby.

Marcus Camby is their own free agent, but is also 49 years old. The Rockets are under the cap enough to make an offer for Asik that is the maximum of $5m the first year, but potentially back-loaded in years 3-4. If the Bulls ultimately don't want to match, the Rockets have a lot of guys on non-guaranteed deals or players on rookie contracts if the Bulls wish to work out a deal and get something for Omer. Heck, they can even conceivably pull off a double sign/trade for Courtney Lee. That's flexibility for you.

Last night's draft may have lessened the interest of other previously rumored Asik suitors. The Cleveland Cavaliers traded up to get big man Tyler Zeller. The Boston Celtics selected potentially two rotation bigs in Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo. None of that may matter much, though, as Asik's unique size makes him ultimately desired by teams regardless of things like mid-first round selections.