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2012 NBA Draft: Report - Bulls taking Tyshawn Taylor at #29

Per his Twitter Bio, Vin Parise is a college basketball insider for NBC Sports Network and operates from New York. Can't say I know him, but this can certainly be legitimate*:

According to league sources, the Chicago Bulls are drafting Tyshawn Taylor from Kansas tonight with the 29th pick -- backup for Derrick Rose.

And this would be antithetical to keeping one's options open, but I'm sure pseudo-promises like this happen a lot. You can read Alex's in-depth profile of Taylor as a potential draftee here.

Sort of alarming that the report is not phrased as a backup to CJ Watson, but the 29th pick does indeed make less than $3.2m.

*KC Johnson retweeted it, anyway. I consider any major news outlets to be legitimate until 'proven' otherwise. They can still obviously get it wrong, but they're not trying to make things up. Also, Taylor himself is from New York so that could be where the source is coming from.