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Luol Deng Trade Rumors: Deng to Warriors rumor shot down with reminder Bulls trying to save cash

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Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Luol Deng and/or Joakim Noah could be moved for a cap exception (basically, to a team under the cap to absorb the deal) and a draft pick.

Later, another report from an odd source (London's Telegraph, who's following Deng's Team Great Britain's training camp) had the Bulls already talking pieces with the Warriors, specifically Deng+#29 for the Warriors' Andris Biedrins, Dorrell Wright, and #7.

Woj at Yahoo has reported since that the Bulls have told Deng a Warriors deal for him isn't happening.

While a part of this rumor made sense in that Bulls would be getting a top-10 pick, the unappetizing bit of taking on Biedrins remaining $18m over two seasons is a necessity to have the salaries match for a trade. And goes against the earlier report that the Bulls are looking to shed '12-'13 payroll, not add to it. The Warriors are over the cap, and the Bulls need someone under like the Kings (who own the #5 pick) or Raptors (#8) to make a Deng deal where they don't have to take back nearly-equal salary.

Lest anyone forget a Deng deal is to save cash add flexibility:

So, just a reminder to keep that in mind when trying to figure out ways for the Bulls to get better this offseason...that's it's not really a top goal for the Bulls to get better this offseason.