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Derrick Rose injury rehab: Everything's fine, unless it's not

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Nice little story management out there lately when it comes to Derrick Rose's rehab. Earlier in the week it 'broke' that Rose went to see renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews for a consultation. This caused some concern, if anything because anything with this causes concern, and Derrick Rose's knee is concerning.

Mike Wilbon went on AM1000 Wednesday and wouldn't go so far as to 'report' anything, but he has heard from "people who are in position to know" that "things are not going that well with the rehab". Wilbon went on to say that even if that is true, there are likely plenty of ups and downs with a months-long rehab, and if things aren't going that well now that doesn't mean things won't go well overall.

The spin-signal went out to the Bulls, whose team physician (and the person who performed Rose's surgery) spoke with ESPNChicago:

Derrick is ahead of schedule, [seeing Dr. Andrews] was part of the plan established before surgery. This was not a consultation with another physician, but rather it's working with another therapist in collaboration with the Bulls' training staff...[The rehab] is a way to keep things fresh for Derrick, to help give him some variety.

Cole also spoke to KC Johnson of the Tribune, and KC emphasized the last point of getting Derrick some variety. Rose could stay a while in Alabama with Dr. Andrews, or head to Santa Monica, or both.

My philosophy (which I have no problem imploring others to more like me, I always say) is that both good news and bad news should be treated the same. Thus I have a quick bone to pick with KC with this line:

By all accounts, Rose's rehabilitation is going well.

Hey, I just saw an account from Mike Wilbon saying it wasn't!

Maybe it's not going well, who knows? I'm pretty sure we won't know either way. Thus I like KC's earlier line in his article much better:

Rose faces a lengthy rehabilitation process. As such, the process doesn't lend itself well to tea-leaf reading or frequent updates.

Indeed, until there's a targeted date when he can start practicing, there really isn't much that'll be useful in terms of news. And even at the most optimistic timeline, that date is months and months and months away. Until then, just hope for the best and don't worry too much what the Bulls or anyone else says about it.