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Omer Asik rumors: Sam Smith says Celtics are interested

You have to be careful when reading Sam. For instance, in this latest column/notebook, he speculates on the Bulls keeping Asik and Taj but trading Joakim Noah to the Houston Rockets. They've been looking for a center (and have perused Omer Asik in the past), have two picks in the teens, and some depth to deal in return.

Sam also mentions possibly receiving Goran Dragic in a sign/trade, even though that's impossible on draft night. But nevermind: Sam's just spitballin', there. It happens a lot.

But this is an actual report...kinda. As much as Sam does so, anyway (via SBNChicago):

The Celtics are one the teams said to be considering a strong offer to Bulls center Asik. The thinking is it might help them retain Kevin Garnett, who though playing very well at center the second half of the season doesn't want to return as a center.

We went over the scenarios for Asik's restricted free agency several weeks ago. Like the Cavs, a team who've had reported interest, the Celtics are potentially under the cap this offseason and could back-load the contract in years 3 and 4 to potentially cause the Bulls to hesitate matching. The Bulls have publicly said they'd match offers for Asik.