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2012 NBA Finals: Heat vs. Thunder Game Two Open Thread

Something to ponder, from Doug Thonus at ChicagoNow:

The Bulls have been rolling with many of the traditional strengths that translate to great playoff success. While people have complained about the way the Bulls are built, defense, rebounding, and isolation scoring are traits that almost always translate to winning playoff basketball while fast pace offense frequently falls apart.

Chicago has been the best in two of those three categories with Derrick Rose a dynamic isolation scorer in the third. However, watching the Miami Heat lose last year to the Mavericks and game one this year to the Thunder, it shows what many Bulls fans have felt obvious for quite some time.

The Bulls simply don't have enough scoring.

Teams aren't beating Miami because they lock them down at the end of games. Teams beat Miami because Miami can't stop them at the other end either. In the long run, trying to shut down LeBron and Wade might be a losing proposition regardless of how good your team defense is. Those players are simply too good to be stopped consistently at the end of games.

However, if your team has players who Miami can't stop either and can roll out better depth than you have a pretty good chance. The Bulls have many of those pieces in place now. They're missing that secondary scorer.

There's more at the link. I'd even quibble that the Bulls don't have isolation scoring like the Heat or Thunder do, because Derrick Rose is only 6'3".

It's strange because it's only one thing as a team to improve on, yet it's so hard to actually do.

Gametime at 8, remember, don't watch halftime or pre or post on ABC, so you then don't have to come here talking about it. And another conversation topic to avoid: the Chris Palmer ESPN twitter account is a parody. Nobody says stuff that consistently 'provocative'.