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2012 NBA Finals: Heat vs. Thunder Game One Open Thread

This remark from Dwayne Wade has to make a Bulls fan feel sad:

"I always say this is a very good team, but Russell Westbrook is what makes them very special, because there's no one else like him in the NBA," Wade said. "I think he's personally I think he's the most athletic guy in the NBA for what he does and how he does it and how quick he does it."

Emphasis mine, and as Thunder blogger Royce Young mentions, Derrick Rose has to be a bit perturbed. Of course, he's likely perturbed a lot because his knee cartilage done snapped. Ugh.

Here's way more on Westbrook from Tom Ziller at the mothership, specifically Westbrook's acceptance (or perhaps even embrace) of becoming a score-first PG.

Tip-off at 8. At least I hope that's tip-off and not pregame, because remember: if you watch any ABC/ESPN commentary it's your own fault. It's awful and they deserve to be punished with avoidance.