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2012 NBA Draft: Pre-draft measurements of potential Bulls picks

likes 'em long... (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
likes 'em long... (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In my recap of the 2012 NBA Draft Combine, I explained why there will be a quality options from which the Bulls will have to choose, with a mock draft to show the ranges to which players should be taken, even though the Bulls' first round draft pick is second-to-last at #29.

All of the players in these spreadsheets won't be available to the Bulls, but they're all low-first-high-second round picks. And in every draft, these names become interchangeable in mock drafts, depending on the teams' rankings, their need, the perception of their likelihood to draft more for need than grabbing the best available player, and simply the differing assessments of whether a player will be a perennial rotation player or a bum.

All of the players in these spreadsheets are likely to not be taken in the top 20. Some are favorites to be picked in the 21-to-28 range before the Bulls, some early in the second round. For example: Evan Fournier, John Jenkins, Fab Melo, Quincy Miller, Jeff Taylor, and Marquis Teague are picked ahead of #29 in most mock drafts, but the others available could cancel them out to fall into the Bulls' possibilities.

I'm not endorsing that these three can't be passed up if they fall over the other; only that it's likely they aren't around, so may become possibilities and this is a reference. The teams at the bottom of the first round are playoff teams which expect to be playoff teams, meaning they may be willing to take a stab at an international prospect under contract and wait a couple of seasons to bring the player over to the NBA. There also may be a draft for need that leaves better players available.

All of the players who participated in the Combine had their height, length, weight, body fat, vertical leap, speed, and agility measured. All of the measurements are the most recent posted are via

I took screenshots of my spreadsheets and the images were re-sized for posting. Click them to enlarge for clearer viewing.





Point Guards


Again, it would be a bit of a shock if any of these players were drafted in the top 20 due to how loaded the draft class is with size, length, athleticism, and shooting. So, at the very least, six of these 14 will be options.

I'm personally confident that Orlando Johnson, Will Barton, Doron Lamb, and Draymond Green will definitely be available; pretty confident Will Barton and Tyshawn Taylor will be. Where Festus Ezeli, John Jenkins, Jeff Taylor, Tony Wroten, and maybe even Evan Fournier go is more of a juggling match.

Marquis Teague is a bit of a juggling match, but he's generally stapled in that 21-to-27 range. Quincy Miller would be a godsend, generally stapled even higher in the 18-to-24 range, but having him available at #29 makes him worth mentioning here. Fab Melo's size and Andrew Nicholson's length should get them picked up earlier in the 20s enough to not be available to the Bulls.

I didn't include Jared Cunningham, Jae Crowder, or Darius Miller because of the abundance of wingers from which the Bulls should have to choose. Their lack of need for another big kind of destroys discussion of drafting a Drew gordon, Kyle O'Quinn, or 40-inch vertical Miles Plumlee over the types of ball-handling shooters with length widely projected to be on the board for the Bulls.

The 2012 NBA Draft will take place on June 28.

NOTE: I made the executive decision to exclude reach because wingspan and vertical reaches tell the better story, as well as hand sizes.