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Bulls draft day deals: Who can possibly be moved to move up?

This is a quick reactionary post to some speculation I've seen in the recent draft threads. For those who are liking players higher up in the draft than #29, there are some ways the Bulls can offer a team to trade up, but others are either impossible or unlikely.

  • Omer Asik - Cannot be traded on draft night. He's a restricted Free Agent, so they can entertain sign/trades during that period, and that could (I suppose) include players selected in this draft, but no situation where the Bulls would have another team picking 'their' player in advance.
  • Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer, CJ Watson - They have non-guaranteed contracts for 2012/13, so they can be traded. However, realize what this means when coming up with trade ideas. It's true that there are possibly teams interested in these contracts since they can be cut before the season, however the inverse to that is the Bulls taking back guaranteed salary. They don't have much, or any, room to do so*, thus why there's speculation of cutting these productive players in the first place. They can trade them to teams under the cap (or with a trade exception) without taking back salary, but then the 'non-guaranteed' part of the contract has no value. They're still solid players on 1-year deals though, so it's value in another way.
  • Luol Deng - This is possible, but looking at it practically: He's hurt, playing in the Olympics, and very likely will have surgery afterwards and miss part of next season. His current contract was already uninsured due to back issues. I don't see how a team takes a risk on him on draft night. Plus there's the whole issue of the Bulls (rightfully) loving him.

Everyone else is technically fair game, as is assets with no salary value like future picks or the rights to Mirotic.

*unless they paid the luxury tax or amnestied Boozer, LOL!