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Bulls vs. Sixers, 2012 NBA Playoffs: Luol Deng "chasing shots" to help Bulls generate offense

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I really liked what Luol Deng had to say immediately post-game with Cheryl Miller:

Before Derrick went out, the way I was playing, with my wrist...I was just trying to look for the open shot. Tonight I was chasing shots. I just knew I had to get shots up for my teammates for us to have a chance to win.

And it indeed looked that way. Not just with his (fairly lucky) game-sealing 3-pointers, but for the entire game, as Kelly Dwyer describes:

Luol Deng flung the ball in this game. He didn't shoot it as much as he flipped it. He cocked his one healthy wrist back, and trusted his own arc. You rarely see that with Lu, and those of us who have trouble with perimeter shooting (and attempt to be precise with shots, instead of letting the arc and spin do the work for us) can relate. Deng typically tries to guide each shot in, which is why he's had trouble working as a consistent performer from behind the 3-point arc during his career, but in this game, for whatever reason (with the pressure at the absolute highest point it's been all season) he relaxed and let it rip. I'm not talking about shot selection, though Deng was aggressive in that area. I'm referring to actual mechanics.

And as much as something like 'chasing shots' is usually derided, in this case it was absolutely needed. As I mentioned in the recap when it came to Carlos Boozer, Deng is similar in that these may not be the most efficient or sustainable looks you'd want, but it's the best this team can get. Credit to both for backing up their talk of needing to step up by doing so, even if it's not pretty.