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Bulls VP John Paxson has heart surgery for 'arrhythmia issue'

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There was a weird moment in the Game 4 postgame. Unprovoked, Sixers coach Doug Collins mentioned that Bulls VP John Paxson had a ''. This was news to pretty much everyone.

Pax and the Bulls put out the following statement in response:

I have an arrhythmia issue I'm trying to get corrected. It is something I've had before and planned this procedure over one month ago. Nothing more to it than that and had not intended for it to be made public.

Hope Pax stays well. Though if this is stress-related, the last time he had such an issue it got him a promotion.

Just chalk up the misunderstanding due to Doug Collins being an over-sentimental weirdo. Remember, beyond being a former Bulls coach, Collins is very tight with the Org., calling Paxson 'a son', Jerry Reinsdorf 'a dad', equipment manager John Ligmanowski 'drunk uncle', and ICE CREAM vendor-guy "cousin we don't talk about much". As much as the loyalty-family element of the Bulls frustrates me, at least they didn't wind up hiring Collins again. They were close, but wound up going the completely other direction, someone who is incapable of non-coachy emotion or empathy.

I also enjoyed KC Johnson being baffled that some would speculate beyond Paxson's statement. Given how they've sandbagged injury news all season, I'm surprised he didn't list himself as a 'gametime decision'.

I'll accept well wishes for Pax an this thread. And I suppose tasteless jokes as well, since I've made about 5.