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Olympics may prevent Deng from starting next season with the Bulls

[News on this broke yesterday, but it seems even more relevant now after Noah's injury just adding to the medical frustration of this season. All that said, and maybe this is just giving up the fight, but I'm fine with Deng playing in the Olympics. It's clearly important to him. And the first few months of next year may be drudgery regardless -yfbb.]

Luol Deng will play for Great Britain in the 2012 London Olympics after the NBA season before deciding to having surgery to repair the ligament torn in his left wrist in January, he told ESPNChicago -- meaning recovery time would cut into the 2012-13 season:

If Deng were to have the surgery he would likely have to be out 3-4 months, which would mean that he and Rose would miss at least the first part of next season. Deng noted that he would sit down with his doctors after the Olympics and make a final call on surgery.

"It's going to be my decision," he said. "How I feel."

As part of the league's CBA, teams aren't allowed to tell players whether they can participate in the Olympics. While Deng will listen to Bulls' personnel, he made it clear that the decision on surgery is his alone.

"It's my decision," Deng said. "It's totally my decision."

I don't know exactly what's going on here, but I'm hoping there's some sort of bargaining tool being used here by Deng. There's no way the Bulls can not do all they can to convince Deng to not play and decide sooner as to whether or not he has surgery.

Deng missed 12 games this regular season with the injury and came back because it wasn't getting any better without surgery. It seems he's done a great job of protecting the wrist from getting worse and there isn't much serious concern that the Olympics would risk the wrist getting worse with similar, if not more, prudence.

But the Olympics would push back his surgery, pushing back his recovery date to a date that would force him to miss real basketball games, and the Olympics are still an option for Deng?

I have a lot of respect for the guy off the court, but this is beyond stupid!