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NBA Free Agent Rumors: Przybilla's 'best bet' is Bulls, and Scal wants back

Alex spent a good deal of time going over the questions with using Amnesty on Carlos Boozer. It's great information, but all indications are that the Bulls will do no such thing. And, so, with them bumping up against the tax, there's only a few ways to spend money to acquire players. One of which is minimum salaries, so expect this caliber of name going forward...

Weirdly-worded blurb from Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press (via Blazers Edge) on a possible Bulls FA target:

Best bet for former Gophers center Joel Przybilla, 32, who finished the season with the Portland Trail Blazers, is that he signs a free-agent deal with the Chicago Bulls this summer. Przybilla considered the Bulls before re-signing with Portland this year.

'Best bet' for us? For him? The whole column reads like the Minneapolis version of Fred Mitchell, and I don't doubt that he some inside line to this is something.

The Bulls indeed showed interest in Przybilla, part of their pursuit of signing a useable 5th big which never really happened (and totally didn't matter unless you count the playoffs!). Przybilla came back from major knee surgery to put up another microscopic PER with Portland, but of course is more known as a defensive player. He could be seen as an Omer Asik replacement should Omer be lost to free agency.

Even less appetizing is that Brian Scalabrine wants to go to Summer League, 'hopefully for the Bulls'. The Bulls (featuring Jimmy Butler) will be in Vegas this summer. I remember from this radio interview with KC Johnson that Scal's return seemed possible, if only because he would be making the minimum.