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Report: Bulls give blessing to Deng to play in Olympics

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With Derrick Rose hurt, my definite favorite team for this coming Olympics. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)
With Derrick Rose hurt, my definite favorite team for this coming Olympics. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)
Getty Images

London's Telegraph has a report on the Bulls discussing Deng's decision to put off surgery and play in the Olympics for Team Great Britain this summer:

Deng and his representatives met with Chicago Bulls management earlier this week and, perhaps sensing that the mood of the Chicago public was strongly against 'getting heavy' with Deng, the Bulls agreed that they would back down on demanding that he undergoes immediate surgery on a left wrist injury he has been carrying since Jan 21.
The apparent softening of the Bulls stance this week means that Deng is free to join the Great Britain party in camp in Houston next month and play in London after which a decision will be made as to whether he undergoes surgery straight away or whether he rests the wrist completely for up to three months.

There are other fun tidbits in there, like calling Derrick Rose the Bulls' "star man", how Team GB doesn't anticipate Deng will need the surgery after all (I doubt it, as I don't see how playing on it helps the healing), and the fat insurance premium that will need to be paid for Deng to join the national team.

The author, Brendan Gallagher, notes that the Bulls have little moral standing in the matter considering how many minutes Deng played for the Bulls this season on that injured wrist. And indeed, Deng could've gotten surgery immediately after the injury and missed the rest of the Bulls season too. So the Bulls 'owe' him this, in a way. But also, there's no legal recourse for the Bulls to stop Deng from playing: doing so is forbidden by the CBA.

Hopefully each side is more 'comfortable' with the situation, but there was never really a question Deng was going to play this summer.