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Derrick Rose ACL surgery: Bulls team doctor speaks on 8-12 month prognosis

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The Bulls held a press conference at Rush University Medical Center on Tuesday afternoon, to give an update on Derrick Rose's ACL surgery. Team physician Brian Cole gave the latest prognosis:

Cole estimated that Rose would need eight to 12 months for a full recovery, and saw no reason why his performance should be diminished.

There's more, of course, but this is mostly standard, yet vague, stuff...pretty much how a 4-month deviation in recovery time can be explained. And thus how KC Johnson can call that an 'optimistic assessment', yet PBT sees this as somehow different and worse than an earlier report.

It's neither, it's nothing. Which is fine. There isn't going to be much in terms of reliable news with this, especially considering how the Bulls treated their paying public with the various and much less serious injuries to Rose all season. So I wouldn't expect anything concrete, and certainly won't care what Reggie Rose thinks about it.

A couple bits that were actually interesting though:

  • Rose's MCL was not torn. So that's better news than...well, better than if it had been torn.
  • Cole on the cause: "This could be anything from a completely random event to maybe conditioning. We'll never know with certainty." OH, REALLY?!?