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Chicago Bulls offseason: Salary Cap, Luxury Tax, Amnesty, and other questions to be answered

It's been said a lot lately: the Bulls are in a really tough place this offseason. This past year was probably a bit more 'win-now' than we wanted to believe, especially after it all came crashing to a thud.

The NBA offseason will provide plenty of Bulls news and rumors, up to and including the draft and free agency. In preparation, BlogABull will try to do its best to get everyone informed as to what circumstances and parameters affect the Bulls plans.

First, there are 2 major sites where (if you're ambitious) you can get a head start on the class:

Between those two resources and some others, we'll try and cover (and, frankly, learn some ourselves) topics related to the Bulls and their offseason.
Here are some more specific ideas to start, but please let me know of others in the comments:
  • Cap exceptions - with the Bulls over the cap under any scenario, this is how they can acquire free agents. What kinds are out available, and which of those do the Bulls have?
  • Luxury Tax - How close are the Bulls to it? What makes it so scary? How does it affect their exceptions and trades?
  • Guaranteed contracts - including Derrick Rose's raise.
  • Non-guaranteed contracts - When do contracts to Korver/Brewer/Watson get guaranteed, how much is owed if they're cut?
  • Omer Asik, restricted free agent - Who are likely suitors for Asik? How much can they offer?
  • Amnesty clause - Who can the Bulls use it on, and when? How do amnesty waivers work? How does it affect cap, tax, and payroll?
  • Nikola Mirotic - when is he coming over? How can the Bulls contribute to bringing him to the NBA?
  • Charlotte Bobcats pick - when is that coming over?
There's also the draft itself, which I'll consider separate for now. Should be fun.